Long forgotten due to the scandals of her husband's administration, Florence Harding's story is one of amazing courage in adversity, determination and drive; a woman who refused to let life's disappointments or tragedies stop her road to the top.

As a young woman Florence Kling would face an abusive childhood, divorce, and life as a single mother.

But all made her determined to survive. Her marriage to Warren Harding saw a great fulfillment for both parties.

She found love, a partner who not only listened but also followed her advice, and he found a wife with a greater drive, a sharper mind and willingness to work at his side as he built his newspaper, the Marion Star.

Its great success was as much due to her intelligence as his managerial attributes.

Overcoming illness and the crushing knowledge of her husband's many infidelities, Florence Harding entered a White House that her husband acknowledged he couldn't have won without her.

As first lady, Florence was also the first to speak at press conferences, to go up in a plane, to speak out on animal rights, to help create the first Federal prison for women and to work for their rehabilitation.

She was the first to work for the protection of immigrant children, protection of World War I veterans and the first in her advocation of a greater role for women in politics.

Her main focus however was the protection of the WWI veterans.

Balancing the difficult role between the old world and the new, Florence Kling Harding paved the way for Eleanor Roosevelt and the modern age.

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