At 21, Frances "Frankie" Folsom became the youngest First Lady in history when she married the 48-year-old President, Grover Cleveland, in a White House ceremony.

She had known him all her life.

Her father had been Grover's law partner in Buffalo, New York. He died when Frankie was 11 and Grover became an unofficial guardian to Frankie and her mother.

By the time Frankie entered Wells College, Grover, by now President, wrote and sent weekly flowers.

Upon her graduation, they became secretly engaged and following her tour of Europe, wed in 1886.

Despite the difference in their ages, they were by all accounts well matched.

America loved its beautiful First Lady.

Women copied her hairstyle and clothes, and clever merchandisers used her face to sell their products.

She started receptions on Saturdays so working women could attend, and promoted women's higher education.

When Grover lost reelection to Benjamin Harrison in 1889, Frankie predicted they'd be back in the White House in four years time.

She was right.

In the interim, she bore her first child, a daughter who died at 12.

Her next two girls arrived during Grover's second stint in office - highlights in an otherwise difficult term.

The Cleveland's retired to Princeton, N.J. where they completed their family with two sons.

Five years after Grover's death in 1908, Frankie remarried an archeology professor.

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